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Vision & Mission

To become a Leader by Creating Wealth for the people Globally by providing Customized Financial Solutions.

To help people to achieve their Financial Goals.
To Provide Innovative Services by leveraging technology.
To be honest, transparent and ethical in our transactions.
To provide knowledge, skill and training to employees.
To constantly improve ourselves, our teams and our services.

To endeavor to create an association and organization incorporating the value of integrity and dedication, one which progressively evolves with time to meet the challenges of future by crating wealth, by growing wealth and preserving wealth for all with whom we are associated.

Core Values
Strong values have been a part of ORBIT since we started. We believe in diversity, customer satisfaction, employee involvement, innovations, integrity and team work.

We strive for constant Improvement in every area of our business and we work tirelessly to ensure maintaining of highest ethical standards. A promise made is promise keep.

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