Pension Plan
  • Let your golden years be the most precious of your life, full of freedom and choice. A time to pursue your hobbies, travel and enjoy the good life. You will never miss your salary cheque or be constrained by rising inflation. Even as you work hard to make a better today, it is up to you to create a superior tomorrow. If you want to sustain your current lifestyle even after you stop working, make that money work for you.

    A Pension Plan is a plan for setting aside money to be spent after retirement.

    Pension Plans which will make sure that we are there to support you in every stage of your life and your savings today become your wealth and support for your future years to come.

    Key Features
    • A Monthly amount by way of annuity from the Selected Retirement Age and continued during the lifetime of the policyholder.
    • A Guaranteed Life Assurance amount from inception until age 75 or 90.
    • There is no upper limit to the amount of premium that can be paid into the Personal Pension Plan.
    • 100% of your contribution will be credited to Personal Pension Fund Account (PPFA).
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