Motor Insurance
  • The difference between driving safe and driving secure.. A Car Insurance plan is not just mandatory by law but is an excellent means of caring for your car as well. In case your car meets with an accident and incurs severe damages, you could be paying a fortune to meet the servicing charges. But with Car Insurance policy you avail the much needed support to cover the expenses. Motor Insurance offers to cover damages to your car due to accident, fire or theft.

    As your most prized possession your car deserves to get the most comprehensive vehicle insurance plan, securing it against any accidental damages it could face.

    You can protect yourself from financial contingency that may affect you due to any unfortunate mishap or claim arising out of third party mistakes.

    Motor Car Insurance is compulsory in India as prescribed by the Motor Vehicle Act 1988.
    a) Comprehensive package policy
    b) Third Party Liability.

    Types of Motor Insurance Solutions:
    • Private Car Insurance
    • Two Wheeler Insurance
    • Two Wheeler Insurance

    Your car is more than a means of transport. It is a valued possession which is dear to you and your family. Any damage to your car by way of an accident/ natural calamity or loss because of theft not only hits your pride and joy but also makes a deep hole in your pocket.
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